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Top 5 Tips to Easily Get Through Customs at an Airport

International vacations are one of the best ways to live your life. All you have are a lot of photos, lots of memories and a lot of shopping. And when you finally return home, you have multiple bags with lots of good for your friends and family, but did you know that there is a hindrance in the system called Customs?. Explaining in an easy language, customs are checkpoints on an airport, specifically international airports, where you have to declare all the things and object you’ve brought in from a foreign land. This is a compulsory process, and everyone has to go through it. One other issue is that you have to pay extra charges or taxes on certain goodies you bring from an international border or foreign land. These additional taxes are known as custom charges. While you can’t escape the customs, certain tricks will help you get through the customs easily. Here are the top five tips that you should keep in mind:

Know the Rules

Knowing the rules and your rights is important. We recommend everyone to go through all the guidelines mentioned on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website. Here is a list of all the things that is you have to declare and are subject to checking:
● Everything you bought in an international market. This can be for both personal use and gifting purposes.
● Any gift you received while you were outside your home or destination country.
● Everything you bought from a duty-free shop
● Everything that you use for professional and commercial purposes.
● All the food items including fruits, vegetables, alcoholic products, and tobacco products.

You can also use the duty-free shops that are available at the airport to avoid any custom charge.

Lesser Baggage, Lesser Time

It is always recommended to keep your bags light doesn’t matter if you are having a domestic journey or an international one. If you have too many things in your luggage, it will create a hassle, eventually causing more stress and delay for you. When you are at the custom’s desk, you’ll be asked to show the items in your bags. Also, keep all your important documents and ID Cards in a separate bag so you can easily lead them when asked. If you have brought something from the country you were visiting, keep their bills and invoice handy as you may have to show them when asked.
Keeping your bags lighter will also lower the extra charges on your airlines. For example, if you are traveling with Spirit Airlines, no carry-on or checked baggage is allowed for free as per Spirit baggage policy. You have to pay extra for them.

Keep Track of the Amount You’ve Spent.

In the United States, there is a cap on your expenditure below which you will not be charged anything. If the price of your goodies exceeds the limit, you will be charged. Currently, the threshold is $1600 and $800 for different countries, but we suggest you check the website of U.S. Customs and Border Protection for the latest prices. So try to keep your total expenditure below this value to avoid the duty charges and the complimentary stress.

Choose the Correct Channel

Choosing the right channel can save your time and peace. Almost every airport has two channels or two lanes. These are the Green and Red Channels. Let’s see what these lanes are:

1. Green Channel: This is a lane for all the passengers who do not have any items on which customs duties are required.
2. Red Channel: This is the lane for all the passengers who have goodies on which customs duty is imposed.

Double Check your Baggage

It is very important that you know what things you have in your bag are. This will help you in elaborating the same to the customs officers. Also, in case something goes missing from your bag or an objectionable object is found in your baggage which you are not aware of, you can report the same to the customs office in the airport. Most of the carriers such as Spirit Airlines inform you of all the items which are allowed and which are not. You can find this information at the time of Spirit flight check in.

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